Apex Legends continues to grow its audience and what follows will subscribers to the PlayStationPlus. Respawn Entertainment’s title is actually coming soon new content for its owners.

Inspirational Story: Baker

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Inspirational Story: Baker

Some additions have already been made, such as the Havoc Energy Rifle weapon, which can be used as an assault rifle or as a sniper. However, this was only a taste, as the game will soon count a new package.

The latter will consist of six articles :

  • Two exclusive PlayStation weapon camouflages for the Flatline and the RE45.
  • An exclusive pair of camouflage colors for Gibraltar and Bloodhound. That includes everyone a banner.

While you wait for them to be available, check out our tips for getting unbeatable.

Apex Legends is available for free on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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  • Season 3 of “HIT” has been shelved for months despite the creator’s complaints. For TVE, the premiere is “not their business”
  • Eurozone inflation fell to 4.3% in September, the lowest since 2021
  • If you’re tired of Starfield traders, this mod improves them so they’re actually useful
  • In Hawaii, they use water heaters as virtual solar batteries. And on top of that, they pay users money
  • MediaMarkt Web Week has nothing to envy to Prime Day. This is the best discount on TVs
  • Alan Wake: Flashback is the perfect way to relive all the events of the first Alan Wake, but in Fortnite
  • Lords of the Fallen is making up for its disastrous launch by releasing a new achievement patch
  • Ridley Scott has already seen the new Alien film and has very good news for fans of the horror and sci-fi saga: “It’s a miracle”
  • A scooter explodes in the Madrid metro, closing a line for three hours: doubts about accessibility return
  • If we combine Stardew Valley with A Bear and His Inn and The Sims, we get this game with 90% positive reviews
  • Don’t be afraid if your cell phone beeps about chemical danger today: Catalonia conducts an emergency drill in these 12 municipalities
  • Elon Musk even wants to charge a fee for “likes”. Twitter’s new measure is an annual payment to certain users, which is already being implemented in New Zealand
  • CD Projekt does not want to stumble over the same stone as Cyberpunk 2077: The Witcher 4 will not forget the console versions
  • Which Apple Pencil you should choose for your iPad: comparison between the different models, features and functions
  • “Red Queen” has not yet been released and a new adaptation of a thriller by Juan Gómez-Jurado is already in preparation. TVE and Prime Video are preparing “Cicatriz”.
  • Netflix confirms it: starting this week, it will no longer work on some smart TVs and old devices
  • This Baldur’s Gate 3 mod can solve your life if you don’t know what to do with your inventory and need more money
  • Huawei Freebuds Pro 3: a famous design that refines noise cancellation and sound quality
  • “We don’t want to use Call of Duty to get you to buy an Xbox.” Phil Spencer is not trying to destroy the Saga community with exclusive content
  • Routine shortcuts, step-free walkways, and six other accessibility innovations are coming to Android today

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