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A group of Apex Legends players known for their high in-game rankings were recently accused of cheating. This group includes players Xynoa and Skittles, the first and second in the game’s world rankings.

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The dishonest revelation was made in a Reddit post. The so-called “Meeting of Six People”, in which two teams meet to increase their chances of success, attracted the most attention. However, the team in question is twice the size of all the others.

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Apex Raiders #1 & #2 Xynoa and Skittles caught 6 guys working together on r/apexlegends EU servers

The Reddit post includes videos of players using this tactic. Overall, site users weren’t surprised; Many also knew that these players keep their teammates’ streams so that they have more visual information and thus earn more points.

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While players who do not approve of the use of cheats are waiting for an answer from Respawn about the ranking, one of the responsible designers confirmed on his Twitter that the team already knows what happened and will decide what steps to take.

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I know this is probably not the answer you’re looking for HERE, but:

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Yes, we see the articles and the claims and will take appropriate action after proper investigation.

— Chin Xiang Chong (@tangentiallogic) May 13, 2020

The new version of Apex Legends is now available.

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