Apex Legends has only been out for a few weeks, so everyone is probably still looking for their favorite weapons. Tjeerd has a number of tips for you to help you on your way. So you know at a glance which shooting iron will win the fight.

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Of course, when looking for a good weapon, how much damage the thing does is important, but also the rate of fire, the recoil and the range and distribution of the projectiles play a role. To make things easier, someone on Reddit compiled some stats for the in-game weapons. The base of the bar graph is the damage done by a weapon, the top part is the damage done by a headshot. The line is the DPS (damage per second) of a weapon.

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Best weapon – Wingman

That wingman is a weapon that is underestimated by many players. But this hand cannon also works very well at a medium range of up to 200 meters. He does a lot of damage per bullet (45), which doubles if you hit a headshot. And if you manage to find the Skullpiercer attachment, you’ll deal additional damage with a well-aimed headbutt.

Also, if you have one RE-45 find, don’t throw away! This is especially useful early in a match, as the fully automatic RE-45 is more of a machine gun than a pistol. That P2020 is ready for scrap, don’t walk around with it too long. worthless thing.

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Best SMG – R-99

There are many places in King’s Canyon where you can engage in close and medium range combat. So a good machine gun can save you from bad situations. The best SMG is this R-99, which gives the best damage per second (216). The downside is that a clipper is shot so empty that a magazine attachment is certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

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A tip you can also read in my other Apex Legends article: the Prowler is especially useful if you manage to find the Select Fire Attachment, it turns the Prowler from a fairly mediocre SMG (with 5 shots) into a fully automatic butcher, even better than the R-99.

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Best AR – R-301

Fortunately, there are no bad ARs in Apex Legends, so you won’t get hurt. I personally prefer them hemlock not so good because i don’t like burst guns but i do like the single shot mode. I am a personal fan of the UK-47zero lineThe full auto mode at medium range and even close range is nice without too much recoil, but I also use the single shot frequently.

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Nor the R-301 The best AR on paper that gives you more bang for your buck in terms of DPS and has more mounting options. Note that this thing, unlike the Hemlock and Flatline, requires light ammo. So when you come across it, you might think it’s an SMG.

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Best Sniper – G7 Scout

Okay, I probably won’t go into it, but there are few instances where a full-fledged sniper is really useful in Apex. That’s why I usually go for the long road G7 Explorer, as it can also be used at medium range and can fire many bullets in a row and has the highest DPS of all snipers. Even at close range, you don’t stand a chance with the G7.

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Besides that. If you die Crab (only in certain places, like a loot trap), drop your G7 as a hybrid and push the Kraber with all your limbs, because you can even shoot someone in full level 4 armor with this beast if you do your best to to give

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Best Shotgun – Peacekeeper

When you see someone blowing one across the room Peacekeeper In its clutches, be sure to remove your explosives from this room. This monster is a portable short range burner and especially with the Precision Choke attachment you are the terror of the short and medium range!

Another special mention for the Mozambique: Do not be seen with this piece of iron in your hands, for before you know it, you will die to the mockery of your opponents. The chance of killing someone with a contaminated flute is even greater than in Mozambique.

Besides that. If you die mastiff Don’t hesitate for a second, it’s heavenly.

Best LMG – M600 Spitfire

Since many weapons in Apex Legends have very few bullets in their magazines, having an LMG in your thirsty hands is definitely a relief when you have your kill time in mind. That M600 Spitfire is the best choice as it can throw out 35 bullets in a row and also deals a lot of damage per second. It does not mean the mission is a bad LMG because there are no less than 44 (energy) balls in a magazine, the big disadvantage is that the rate of fire has to start. This problem is solved if you find the Turbocharger attachment, but it’s legendary loot, so it’s not very likely.

If you don’t win even with these best weapons, the tips and tricks you can read here might help you. If you still can’t win, I advise you to enjoy it, because gaming is and always will be a party, right?

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