This weekend I became quite poor, but you are too nice to be crazy about. Enter those playing games inside, not through the air conditioning. March first: read the night watch of course! May Today: New images fan Apex Season 6, in Star Wars Holiday Special and more!

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Apex Legends season 6 trailer only looks at the next character Rampart

It’s season fan Apex Legends upon us, and to guess and be hyped, check out the brand new trailer that didn’t just come out. In a trailer just look at what changes are on the map for the upcoming season, but I see the first gameplay footage fan it is no character Rampart. Apparently their turrets can do quite a bit of damage, while their artillery is protected with the obligation that their inputs can.

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Season 6 starts 18 and Rampart will release fan freely in August.

No Star Wars Holiday Special is available on Disney Plus

Both the prequel trilogy and the sequel trilogy Star Wars were not liked by many fans, but we will never know who is really the least fan of the two. What all Star Wars fans know by heart is that the Star Wars Holiday Special fan loves 1978 and big drama. Nevertheless, Disney gave to make it in another Holiday Special, but this time in a world fan Lego.

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On November 17th, the release date if it shares first, this Star Wars Holiday Special will be released exclusively on Disney Plus. It does not take it directly to a fan of The Rise of Skywalker on a family some fans ask answer those fans have not yet because the ferfolchtrilogy agrees. Like it’s first holiday, for the special fan a Wookiees, in a 35 minute film where Rey and BB-8 use more to learn The Force. All famous actors still have stim lines of the famous characters, but what exactly is not yet known.

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Huge number of new Fall Guys skins have been leaked

In Fall Guys leaker on Twitter has quite what no skins can get not to play. This includes cross skins with my portal in My Friend Pedro, so there are other options. He was born that these skins will be released between 3rd and 6th September.

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Furthermore within d’r noch mear skins on HypexFG’s Twitter timeline, these these:

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Fall Guys has been released on PS4 and Steam for about a week and a half now, and it’s doing really well. When it comes to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, it’s still pretty cool since you and I are such fans of the consoles.

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Check out this awesome fan art fan in Fable Xbox Series X

Is it a fan this year stands in many gamers for in dilemma: which console will I get? Will it be the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X? Does it play in the role of both consoles, or is it the quality fan ‘e launch titles? As it is mentioned on the first question ‘yes’, then asked to Wait him what the readers fan SamaGame fine fan ‘e fan art contains not fan cool’ XboxPope, which is known to come his. Look at Twitter, for example, in Overwatch 2 PS5, or in Outriders Xbox Series X. It’s in beautiful pictures!

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You if this Xbox Series X is ever material… would you buy it?

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EA Access and Origin Access renamed to EA Play

As of August 18, EA Access and Origin Access are still called EA Play. The talk for this? EA wants to keep all the same brand names in the future, which is quite understandable. Newbies are easily confused if they both meet. In an announcement EA I indicate that we can support many fans of EA Play in the coming months, but this is no surprise. There’s not much more to say, so stay tuned for the next news!

Resident Evil 7 is not the best Resident Evil game

Resident Evil fans have had a lot to complain about in recent years. No good experience Resident Evil 7 wiene the remakes fan Resident Evil 2 and everything is little. But as 3 titles in a series, 7 is the best, and has sold eight million copies. It won’t be the size of Resi 7 if it’s the best Resident Evil game, you want as much as you want to support all the editions (like Gold Editions) if you don’t see RE6, RE4 and RE5, then will have to wait for the roles better RE7.


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  • Resident Evil 7: 7.9 meters
  • Resident Evil 5: 7.7 meters
  • Resident Evil 6: 7.6 meters
  • Resident Evil 2 (2019): 7.2 million
  • Resident Evil 2 (1998): 4.96 meters


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  • Resident Evil 5: 11.8 meters
  • Resident Evil 4: 10.2 meters
  • Resident Evil 6: 9.8 meters
  • Resident Evil 7: 7.9 meters
  • Resident Evil 2 (2019): 7.2 million

Resident Evil 8: Village will be the longest Resident Evil game ever

We’re still going to keep going through Resident Evil in shifts, as Capcom insider Dusk Golem spoke on Twitter about the long-time fan of the upcoming Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 8: Village. resident evil 3 Makke is the RE Engine used for Devil May Cry 5 is not Resident Evil.

(2/2) in dev on this stop, I’m only about RE8 no, marminsken know that RE4 I come to this point. RE8 isn’t the longest RE Engine game we’ve ever had, and we’ve done the same, we have things that aren’t coming up in the near future.

— AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) August 12, 2020

Roughly what can we provide? The website How Long to Beat lists 9.5 or for that story fan RE7, 8.5 or for RE2 and 11 for Devil May Cry 5. So this means that it’s getting big again, because horror games are already liked in there. those who are not known to cry for a long time. That can be a good sign, as long as the developers consider that quality is more important than quality!

Marvel Games boss since that Spider-Man and Avengers wrâlden just sleepy

Little wy be direct: he has it about the Marvel games not in a previous years clear, and will come soon. For example, Marvel Games boss Bill Rosemann said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the Spider-Man games and the Avengers games are set in the Marvel universe, but only in the same “reality.” Does this sound vague? Maybe say, so read how he puts it:

Each game is set in the Marvel Universe, but it is in its own reality, as I would like. At this point, our plan is to keep each game in its own Marvel Universe.

Marvel’s Avengers in September was released for PC and consoles, so Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a letter for this year will be released exclusively for PS5.

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The history of fan braid simulators: fan 1982 to 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator is in good shape as a fan, but that’s just the case. The first flight machine simulator was in 1982, but mostly in black screen and some with stripes that were only seen in the game. And no, in 2020, look how almost it differs between reality and in screenshot fan it game.

Zombie Driver Immortal Edition launch trailer

In comfortable we no all!

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